Step-by-step instructions for uploading Method books:

Please note: Before uploading, method books will need to saved and uploaded as separate pdf files. 

To start uploading a new composition first, click on the upload tab in the top navigation. 

  • Select your composition type. "Solo & Ensemble" 

You will be launched to a new page that will gather the *TitleSubtitle, *ComposerArrangerDescriptionStyle, and Grade of your work.  

  • Under Style select "Method

  • Then click the blue continue button. The screen will appear the same; however, you will be able to scroll down to the other sections of the interface. 


The new sections presented are: "My Product Information", "My Full Score", & "My Parts".


  • The 'Product Information' section of the interface is gathering information about your composition. Our print services department will use this information to set up your score properly based on your selections. 


In this section, click on 'Add Product Information', you are presented with a pop-up box with the following:

  • Publisher Code - This is automatically generated
  • ISBN # - this is optional
  • UPC # - this is optional
  • Choose Voicing 
    • Under voicing select the desired instrument
  • Choose Format 
    • Under Format select "method"
  • Price - There is a default price - you can enter your desired price for the method book
  • Then click 'ADD' (blue button)

Listed under the 'Product Information' section is the generated Publisher ID & Price. If you run your cursor over this section you are given the option to 'edit' or 'delete' your current product information.

Additionally, within this section, you will notice to the right of the price, four options: WrapperWeb CoverAudio, and Video. An image of an arrow pointing up under each column will be present. If you choose to add any of these assets, simply click on the arrow below the asset you chose to add.


Adding a Method Book:

Now you can move to the next section, 'My Full Score'. You be presented with a pop-up box with the following: 

  • Score - this is the default title, change the title to the instrument book your uploading 
  • Page Count - enter the number of pages in your book including the front and back covers
  • Part Count - you will need to enter '1' - this is the case for all books
  • Choose Print Size 
  • Choose Binding
  • Price - the standard price for a book is $15.00 – you can set a higher price if you choose.
  • Attach your method book pdf. Click the 'BROWSE' button. This will allow you to select your PDF file. Once you have selected your file you can click the blue 'ADD SCORE' button. 
  • There should now be a checkmark under the PDF column. 

Once all your book has been uploaded you can click on the blue "SUBMIT COMPOSITION" button towards the bottom of the page.  

A pop-up box will ask, 'Are you Sure?’, click 'SUBMIT' to officially upload your composition. 

Now the webpage will change and a pop-up box will state 'SUBMISSION COMPLETED' and you have two options to select from, 'BACK TO PROFILE' or 'EXIT TO JW PEPPER'.  

Adding additional volumes:

Please note: Unlike a traditional upload of a Band or Orchestra set, you will need to upload volumes of your method books separately. For example, if you have a method book for beginning strings orchestra you will need to individually upload the Violin, Viola, Cello, and bass booklets - 1 book per upload. 

  • All volumes will be group together under the master title of the product and be made available for individual purchase.