To create a score video like the one shown above follow these steps:

1. First, you will need video editing software.  
  • For Windows users, download Windows Movie Maker HERE.
  • For Windows 10 Users, search for Video Editor on your computer.
  • Click the green "download" button for the Windows system you are operating.
  • Go through the instructions. An icon should appear on your desktop to access.
  • For Mac users, there are similar products like iMovie which you can get HERE and follow the instructions for installation.
2. Start with a full score in pdf format (exported from your music notation software).

3. Convert your PDF score into individual PNG pages HERE. There are many online file conversion sites, but this one seemed easy to use.
  • Click the red "For Computer" button and select the score PDF to be converted. 
  • If your files have long names, so you might want to rename them with simple numbers 1, 2, 3, etc.
4. Add the PNG files to your movie maker.
  • Open the movie maker and click "Add video and photos."
  • Select all the PNG files and click "open" to get them into movie maker.
  • You will need to listen to your recording while looking at your score to time EXACTLY how many seconds it takes for the music to play on each page. You can adjust this later if it's not perfect.
  • Once you've written down the time for each page, click the "edit" button at the top and enter the duration in seconds for each page. This will adjust the length of each page to perfectly sync with the music.
5. Add the audio file.
  • Click "home" again and then click "add music."
  • Click "add music" again under "add music from PC."
  • Select the sound file you want to use in either wav or mp3 format.
  • This will fill in under the score images.
6. Edit the score video.
  • At this point you will need to listen to the video and see if the changes occur when you want them. You may need to add or subtract a half of a (0.5) second or more to make it seamless.
  • Under the "project" tab, I would use the "emphasize music" button along with the "widescreen 16:9" button.
  • There are optional animations and visual effects available if you desire. However, I believe you should keep it simple.
7. Save the movie.
  • Click the "save movie" button on the upper right corner under "YouTube" or whatever format works best.
  • Name the movie and click save.
8. Upload to YouTube.
  • You will need to first create a YouTube channel with a Gmail/Google Plus account if you have not already done so.
  • Once you have a channel, simply click the gray upload button on the top right and click or drag the file to be uploaded.
  • YouTube will create a cover to be displayed, but you can customize your own.

9. Send us your YouTube link.

  • Make sure the Youtube link sent to My Score is set to public.
  • Email us, please include the title of your piece.