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This article provides step-by-step instruction on how to upload individual or multi-voiced choral works in the My Score portal. Use the following instructions for submitting Choral octavos, choral works with instrumentation or school choral music. For all other composition types, see here for step-by-step upload instructions.  

The steps below will walk you through creating a new catalog item. For help with editing an existing product, send updates to myscore@jwpepper.com or utilize the help widget.


Please Note: Before uploading choral octavos, scores, and instrumental parts need to be saved and submitted as separate pdf files. 

Select Composition Category  

To start uploading a new composition, click on the Upload tab in the top navigation. 

Then select the composition type "CHORAL"


If the wrong composition was selected, please click "Upload" from the navigation to re-establish voicings, styles, formatting and target use as these options are dependent on the composition type selected. 

Required Product Details

A new page will launch to establish the following product details for your upload; *Title, Subtitle, *Composer, Arranger, Description, *Target-Use, *Style, and Grade.

Three additional search filters for Christmas, Easter, and Cappella can be applied by clicking the check box. 

Please review the copy guidelines Title, Subtitle & Description  

Required fields indicated with an asterisk (*) and must be completed before progressing to the next steps. 

Click the Continue button, once the product details are complete. In some web browsers, the page will appear the same; however, scroll down to reveal other interface sections. 


In this section, you will be able to attach your pdf and establish product details about your choral octavo; Voicing, Page Count, Print size, Binding and the US Dollar price per single octavo.

Dropdown Definitions




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Publisher  ID

Publisher Ids automatically generate, for example, "MSJS01-22". Product ids should be a unique sequence for identifying your product. 

Publishing Info

ISBN #  

This field is optional, ISBN # will not be shown or added to the product.

Publishing Info


This field is optional, UPC# will not be shown or added to the product.

Publishing Info

*Choose Voicing

If a voice format is not represented, please select the closest option to continue your upload; SATB, SAB, SSA etc.
Contact myscore@jwpepper.com to request a change.

Page CountThis is the number of pages in the .pdf file to be printed and bound. Including the following in the page count; front cover, program notes, sheet music, marketing material and/or back cover.
*Choose Print SizeFrom the dropdown, select the paper size the sheet music will print on. Please note that pdf files page size must match the select print size.Correct Page Size
*Choose BindingFrom the dropdown, select the binding type for the booklet to be professionally bound. Please note, binding options get applied to pdf files with four or more pages. 
PriceThe default price for this composition type is $2.00. Increase the price by entering the desired amount, review the product pricing guide. Please note that this price will be the same for both the Digital and Hardcopies products.  

A minimum purchase of 5 copies is applied automatically for digital copies at checkout.  
Pricing Guide
Choose File 
Select File
Click the Choose file button to launch the file browser on your computer to locate and attach the pdf. The name of the PDF file will appear in the box when successfully attached. * This button may vary slightly from the browser used. Accepted File Types

After clicking the Upload button, your product details will be saved and you will then be able to attach additional marketing assets. 

Marketing Assets

Marketing AssetsDetailsAccepted File Type
A protective cover folder for score and parts used only for instrumental sets.PDF
Web CoverThumbnail image of the cover or title page of the score .JPG
AudioAudio file for a listening preview for display on the product page.MP3
VideoVideo link for a preview to be linked on the product pageYouTube Link

To add marketing assets, click the upload icon to attach a file from your device.  If a confirmation checkmark is not present, click the Update button or press Ctrl+F5 to refresh your web browser.

Add multiple voicings 

Add additional voicings of the same piece by clicking the "ADD VOICING " button and repeating the previous voicing steps. Multiple voicings will be group together to appear on the same product listing while being made available as a separate product for purchase.  

Edit or Delete Voicing

To Edit or Delete voicing information, hover over the section that needs to be updated to re-launch the form. Note that the pdf file will need to be re-submitted.

Instrumental Parts

In this section, add additional conductor scores, instrumental parts or keyboard accompaniment for this choral product. Please view our instructions here: Adding Instrumental Parts 


Please Note: If this product does not require the upload of additional instrumental parts, please skip to the finalize submission section.

Finalize Submission 

Once all the product components are uploaded, click on the "SUBMIT COMPOSITION" button towards the bottom of the page   

A confirmation message will appear, 'Is your upload Ready?’, click 'SUBMIT' to officially upload your composition to My Score. After the product is submitted our My Score team will begin processing the upload for web presentation and finalizing the print files. 


Please allow 1-2 business days for your product to be live in your profile and be searchable on jwpepper.com

If the product is not ready to be submitted click SAVE DRAFT  to save the upload record in your profile. A notification will appear at the top page identifying the number of saved drafts in your profile. 

Uploading FAQs

Q: How will I know when my product is ready?

  • Once the product is available for purchase, it will appear in the catalog section of your the My Score portal. Live products will appear within 1-2 business day on jwpepper.com on the My Score department page, Member profiles, and in keywords search on the website.

Q: Will my music be printed in color?

  • At this time music uploaded to My Score is not printed in color, this includes outside covers, graphics and text. PDFs uploaded with color will automatically be converted to grayscale for both Print-On-Demand and ePrint orders. If you have additional questions please email myscore@jwpepper.com 

Q: Are there different composition styles?

  • The uploader interface looks similar across categories, please familiarize yourself with formats and styles available in each category as the subsets offered change.