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Every My Score member has their own dedicated publisher's profile page to share and promote their catalog of music. While the powerful search features of the and My Score department page are useful for discovering new music, your composer profile is a valuable resource for connecting prospective customers with your catalog – it's like your own website without all maintenance and fees.

As a self-published and independent composer, you are responsible for marketing your own works, use the profile page to its fullest to maximize your presence on

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Quick Links  

Your public profile is the url link established at sign, which can be found when you're logged on your profile admin page or in the web browser ie:

Profile Picture 

Profile images can be added to your account to appear as the preview The profile image should be a square image and no larger than 400px by 400px. For the best results please only upload .JPG file types.

This image will appear as a preview in the composer library search results adjacent to your biography intro.   


Your background as a composer is just as important as the music your composing for customers shopping sheet music. Let your customers get know your musical expertise key motivations and passion for composing.  

This is a great spot to add notable accomplishments, industry affiliations or appropriate personal details to assist in selling your compositions.

The first two lines of your bio will appear as a preview in the composer library search results. 

For customer convenience, all composer bios can be searched by keywords at 

Brand and Social Media Links

Give customers the opportunity to follow and engage with your brand by adding links to your Personal Website or Linkedin and social media handles like; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Channels

Marked as Featured

With the “Mark as Featured” function, you can designate up to five featured compositions for display on your composer profile. When customers visit your composer profile, they can easily recognize compositions from your catalog selected for promotion. Marking items as featured is perfect for promoting new compositions, marketing seasonal works or highlighting select pieces within your catalog on My Score.

This section will only appear when the composer has identified items from their catalog page in their My Score account. Read more about how to select products to display in the Marked As Feature section.

My Score Catalog

This section will preview 10 covers of titles upload to your My Score catalog when your product is fully processed and available for purchase. The order of appearance will be determined automatically to show the newest titles first by creation date.

By clicking the blue hyperlinked text "See All", visitors will be redirected to a curated Pepper search of the composer's title uploaded through the My Score service. The order of the search results will display by Title in alphabetical or default to the personal filter preference of the customer.

Covers in this section cannot be rearranged

Published works

The Published Works section will appear when existing works distributed by other publishers already found on are associated with your public composer profile.

Enter the corresponding Pepper # in the "Published Works" section found below your Bio and Social media links.

There is no limit to how many published works can be associate with your My Score account. Bear in mind, this section will only preview the first 10 product covers in the order they are added to your list.

By clicking the blue hyperlinked text "See All", site visitors will be redirected to a curated Pepper search of all the items you've associated with your profile. The order of the search results will display by Title in alphabetical or the personal filter preference of the customer.

Please note that My Score staff cannot make adjustments to products listed by other publishers on your behalf.

Upcoming Events

If you have a public performance, composting workshops, or virtual appearances the section of your public profile can be used to drive traffic to your event. From the Events page in your profile add specific details like: Event name, start and end dates, web address, venue, venue address to appear on your public profile. 

Once the event date has passed it will automatically, be removed from the public view.