The total page count in your .pdf file must be divisible by 4. Imagine a small booklet made by folding a sheet of paper in half, with the fold at the left. This 4-page booklet has the following page layout:

  • Page 1: front closed (cover)
  • Page 2: inside left when item is open
  • Page 3: inside right when item is open
  • Page 4: back side closed

For any item more than four pages in length, imagine stacking these folded sheets to make a bigger booklet - your total page count in the .pdf file must always be divisible by 4. The finished file contains a total page count of 4, 8, 12, 16 pages, and so on.

  • Don't forget the cover in the finished file! You may have to include blank pages to create the desired 'rule of 4' appearance.
  • If you find that your finished product has a blank last page, you could use this space to add publisher information, program notes or promote other compositions you publish.