With the “Mark as Featured” function, you can designate up to five featured compositions for display on your composer profile. When customers visit your composer profile, they can easily recognize compositions from your catalog selected for promotion. Marking items as featured is perfect for promoting new compositions, marketing seasonal works or highlighting select pieces within your catalog on My Score. 

To feature compositions, start by selecting "Catalog" in the navigation header to see your entire library of music uploaded to My Score.


To designate a composition to be featured on your composer page, click the “Mark As Featured” link below your product cover.

Your product will now appear in the “Featured Items” session of your composer profile page. 

*Please note that if five compositions are already featured, a reminder message will indicate that a composition will need to be removed before marking a new item as featured.

To remove an item as featured, simply click "Remove Currently Featured" below the cover. After refreshing your composer page the composition will no longer appear in the "Featured Items" section. 

If there are no items marked as featured in your catalog, the “Feature Items” section will not appear on your composer profile. Only five of your most recent titles will display in the "My Score Catalog" section. Clicking "See Entire My Score Catalog" will redirect customers product page of all your titles listed on jwpepper.com