Submit Print-Ready Uploads


Your music should be ready for customer orders without any alterations by either you or the My Score team after the product is online. Music should be submitted fully engraved and edited for optimized performance using notation software – music will be printed exactly as submitted.


Correct Page Sizes

  • We offer many different pages sizes to fit the print needs of your composition. You must select the appropriate page size for your upload. This can be achieved by selecting the page size prior to exporting from your notation software. For example, if you select your score and parts to be printed 9” x 12”, the exported PDFs from your notation software must match this size. Submitting the correctly sized PDFs will avoid potential print distortion on the final product.
  • There is no need to include cut marks, as we print the music on the exact size paper selected in your upload.
  • Please do not add your own watermark to your files. We include a watermark on all previews of your pieces
  • Please note: We can only print music on standard American sizes.

Acceptable File Types

  • Audio preview: MP3
  • Score and parts: PDF
  • Web Cover: JPG
  • Wrapper: PDF
  • Video: only links from

Adhere to the Rule of 4

  • The pages in your composition should be divisible by 4 (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.). The PDF page count includes all printed pages: the front and back cover pages, title page and program notes, the sheet music, and any additional marketing you want to print.
  • To fulfil the rule of 4, you can add marketing information, composer bio, program notes, or even blank pages to make your files reach a page count that’s divisible by 4. If the provided pdf is not divisible by 4, blank page(s) will be automatically added to the end of the file.
  • Bear in mind that facing pages are odd-numbered. If you need an interior page to be a facing page, you may need to add a blank page in front of it.
  • - Instrumental parts DO NOT need to be divisible by 4.

Click here for a visual aid for the Rule of 4

Correct Part Counts

  • The part count is the number of copies of a particular instrumental part to be included in a full set when ordered by a customer. Correct part counts are important to ensure that each player gets a part. Please verify that your part counts are correct before submitting your upload.
  • Each instrumental part must be uploaded as a separate PDF. We cannot prepare individual parts and the appropriate number of copies for distribution from a file upload that contains all of the instrument parts in one pdf file

Having multiple part counts for an individual instrument does not mean you need to upload multiple files for that instrument. The part counts are NOT set by uploading multiple identical instrumental parts.