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My Score January Newsletter
Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to releasing new features, improving the upload process, hosting more virtual events, and connecting with our composers. Our goal is to make My Score the best service for selling your self-published and independent music in 2021.
To make sure you’re ready to sell music through My Score, here are four tips for improving the presence of your works online.
Protect your music copyrights
The new year is a great time to update your works with copyright and trademark statements on the footer of your sheet music.
If you’re concerned about your works appearing in virtual concerts in the digital age, consider registering your music with a performance rights organization (PRO) like ASCAP or BMI. PROs are responsible for securing royalties when your music is performed. You can brush up on your copyright knowledge with some light reading from the U.S. Copyright Office at
To protect your music from the “five-finger discount,” My Score automatically watermarks and downgrades online score previews. Additionally, an unintrusive “Sold To” watermark is applied to the top of all digital ePrint copies purchased, and sheet music downloads are restricted after they are successfully printed.
If you have additional questions about fair use and virtual copyright, watch our webinar on copyrights.
Watch Copyright for Virtual Concerts: What You Can and Cannot Do
Add a little color
Get creative! Nothing should stop you from adding a little color or creative design to your web covers and wrappers – it the first thing customers see. While our print-on-demand service prints in grayscale, these images will still look great. Interested in having your covers print in color in the future? Give us your feedback here.
It’s important to have your compositions print- and web-ready at the time of upload. Be sure to include cover artwork in your score PDFs, but be sure you have permission to use the images. Using a graphic designer, royalty-free images, or a service like Canva to create your covers is the best way to avoid potential copyright issues.
Check your print & binding options
When you upload parts and scores, be sure to fully review the print and binding options available. This will reduce the chances of your works being shipped to customers on the wrong size paper. If you need a refresher, we cover all of this in our latest webinar on uploading for large ensembles – check it out!
Watch Getting the Most from Your My Score Membership: Uploading Works for Large Ensembles webinar
Know when to upload
Planning on uploading new music? Be sure to factor in enough time for customers to discover your compositions. Research when your audience will be looking for and purchasing music – you might need to adjust your production schedule. Most shopping for music takes place long before the performance season starts – a general rule of thumb is to have your works published and ready 4-6 months ahead of when they will likely be performed. For example, if you’re writing a winter-themed piece for string orchestra, submit it to My Score by July 1st or sooner.
Royalty payments
Just a friendly reminder that royalty earnings are paid quarterly – payments will be processed beginning mid-January of 2021.
J.W. Pepper will be mailing your Form 1099-MISC for reporting royalty earnings on your 2020 taxes. If you have any questions about royalty payments, please email
Terms of Agreement update
In case you’ve missed it, we’ve updated our 2021 Terms of Agreement to include distribution of your works in our new ePrint Folders service and to allow you to sell digital download products.
Read the updated Terms of Agreement
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