Your Guide to Uploading Sheet Music

Uploading sheet music to My Score is easy once you know the steps! After following this guide, you should be an expert in adding products for sale no matter what type of sheet music you are looking to sell through J.W. Pepper.


The steps below will walk you through the process of creating a new catalog item. For help with editing an existing product, send updates to or use the help widget. 

View an on-screen demo here - Uploading Sheet Music to My Score


To start uploading a new composition, log in to your My Score account and click on the Upload tab in the top navigation.  

Step 1 - Attaching and Uploading Files

Start by adding your files—including a PDF of your sheet music, a web thumbnail, and preview audio—by selecting files from the browser or dragging the files from your desktop.


Double-check your files! Before you move on to the Review and Submit Upload section, make sure you have uploaded all the necessary files and that they are in the correct formats.


Check your settings. Make sure there are no permission settings on the files and that PDFs do not have watermarks. Then, click the Upload button!


Once you’ve submitted your files, we will start scanning your score and parts for print details. 

Required File Types 

Marketing AssetsDetailsAccepted File Type
ScoreA single score or choral octavo exported from professional notation software. 
Sheet Music (Instrumental Parts)Instrumental parts exported as separate files from professional notation software. .PDF
Web ThumbnailThumbnail image of the cover or title page of the score for display on the product listing..JPG
Preview AudioAudio file for a listening preview on the product listing..MP3
Wrapper*A protective cover folder for score and parts used only for large instrumental sets..PDF

Please Note: Before uploading, scores and instrumental parts need to be saved and submitted as separate pdf files. Zipped Folders, .MUSXML and .SIB files are not accepted at this time. 

Step 2 - Enter Product Information 

In this next section, you will enter and select all of the information about your composition, such as the title, subtitle, description, composer, arranger, composition type, style, grade, format, price, publisher ID, and other product-specific details.

A new page will launch to establish the following product details for your upload; *Title, Subtitle, *Composer, Arranger, and Description.

Please review the copy guidelines Title, Subtitle & Description 

Required fields are indicated with a red asterisk (*) and must be completed before progressing to the next steps.

Product Details

Select Composition Type to display the supported music categories. You’ll also see the drop-down selections for your composition type’s corresponding style, format, ensemble and voicings, grade, suggested retail price, and publisher ID.

Selecting a composition type will expand additional drop downs to set required details about the product.

Parts Sold Separately 

The Parts Sold Separately option is only available for the Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, and Orchestra categories. If you select “Yes, we will make individual instrument parts available for purchase via ePrint. Make sure to take the price of your full set into account and price individual parts accordingly!

Minimum Order Quantity

The Minimum Order Quantity option is only available for the Choral and Cantata/Major Work categories. We will apply this number to both the print-on-demand and ePrint lines to determine the number of copies customers may purchase per order.

If the best style, format, or ensemble for your composition is not represented, please select the closest option to continue your upload. Contact to request a change to the dropdown selections.

Additional Marketing Assets

Link to a publicly listed video from, this can be a live performance, score video, or short promotional clip. 


Generate your YouTube link by clicking “share” on the video, then copying and pasting the link into the provided field. At this time, you may attach only one link to each product upload. 

The J.W. Pepper product preview screen does not support YouTube channels, playlists, other streaming services, live feeds, or file uploads.

Step 3 - Instrumentation & Print Setting

Now, you will be able to review the scanned PDFs that you uploaded and suggested product details for your score and individual instrument parts

You’ll also have the option of confirming or editing each part name, part count, print formats, and the price per score/part (in U.S. dollars).

Select Primary Score to set this score as the preview image for the product listing. Once the product is online, we will display a fully watermarked preview of the file provided. It is best practice to set the conductor’s score or choral score as the preview image for customers.


Be sure to enter the part count (# in copies) for each part, automatically this will be entered as 1 copy.

Adding Parts

In this section, you will be able to attach a single PDF and establish product details for each instrumental part, including Part Name, Page Count, Part Count, Print Format, and the Price in U.S. dollars per single part.

Edit or Remove Product information 

To Edit or Remove information, hover over the section that needs to be updated to relaunch the form. Note that you will need to resubmit the PDF file.

Adding Parts

In this section, you will be able to attach a single pdf and establish product details per instrumental part; Part Name, Page Count, Part Count, Print Format, and the US Dollar Price per single part.

Note a message will display informing you to fill in the required details per file uploaded.

Step 4 - Review and Submit Upload

Review your information. Take a moment to review all the information you have provided in the previous sections, including any descriptions or titles you may have added. Make sure everything is accurate and complete.


Preview your files. Preview all the files you have uploaded to make sure they are clear, readable, and that they contain all the necessary information. If you spot any issues, go back and make any necessary edits.


Once all the product components are uploaded, click the “SUBMIT COMPOSITION” button near the bottom of the page.

The confirmation message “Is your upload ready?” will appear. Click SUBMIT COMPOSITION to finish uploading your composition to My Score. Then, the My Score team will begin processing your music for web presentation and finalizing the print files. 

Please allow 1–2 business days for your product to go live in your composer profile and be searchable on


If you are not ready to submit, click SAVE DRAFT to save your progress. A notification will appear at the top of the page which identifies the number of saved drafts in your profile.